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Landmarks in Algeria

13 Famous Landmarks in Algeria To See in 2024

Algeria has something for everyone looking to explore somewhere different in 2024. The Sahara Desert dominates the south, while the northern regions offer a striking contrast that cannot be missed. Add the Tell Atlas and the Aurès Mountains, and you have a truly diverse part of the world waiting to be explored.  Over several thousands…

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Facts about Tunisia

24 Amazing Facts About Tunisia That You Didn’t Know

Introduction Tucked in amongst behemoths, Tunisia is the smallest country in North Africa at just over 63,000 square miles. What it lacks in size, however, is more than it makes up for in historical value, natural beauty, and diverse culture–making it one of the top destinations for tourism in North Africa. Tunisia is right on…

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An aerial view of Cape Town, highlighting the iconic Table Mountain, Lion's Head, and the cityscape along the coastline.

What is South Africa Famous For? 26 Fascinating Facts!

What is South Africa famous for, other than beloved leaders such as Nelson Mandela and well-known tourist hotspots? It is a country of unparalleled natural beauty, with towering waterfalls, golden savannahs, white sand beaches, ochre deserts, and rolling Winelands. It is also one of the most geologically and socially diverse countries globally. South Africa is…

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